Our Curriculum Vision 和 Aims

Enabling students to achieve academic excellence with wider social awareness 和 responsibilities

Our Curriculum Vision

At Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, our curriculum vision is to enable students to achieve academic excellence with wider social awareness 和 responsibilities in a caring, forward 思考 和 supportive environment.

Our Curriculum Philosophy

Our curriculum philosophy is underpinned by a broad set of common values 和 purposes. 有:

  • encouraging in students a deeper knowledge 和 underst和ing of key ideas 和 concepts through a 思考 based approach to learning

  • giving sufficient time to each Key Stage so that opportunities are made available for significant 浓缩 和 扩展 to ensure that all students are intellectually challenged 和 develop as independent learners 和 thinkers

  • providing flexibility in curriculum design 和 subject choice so that students are, wherever practicable, able to personalise their learning with regard to their ability 和 interests whilst retaining breadth in their studies

  • ensuring that learning 和 teaching is of the highest quality 和 utilises technology to enhance this where possible

  • developing Thinking Skills 和 a positive Mindset in all students to ensure they are able to meet the increasingly challenging nature of academic 和 career dem和s.

Enquiry, 浓缩 和 扩展 form the basis of our ‘Curriculum 和 6th Form Extra’ programmes, both in timetabled lessons 和 extra-curricular activities.


At Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, our curriculum is planned with reference to the outcomes we seek to deliver for our learners. In common with national aims, we want all of the students at 在线m88 to be:

  • 成功的学习者 who enjoy learning, make excellent progress 和 achieve their full potential

  • Confident 和 forward 思考 individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy 和 fulfilling lives 和 who are capable of leading others in the modern world

  • 负责任的公民 who make a positive contribution to society 和 use their talents 和 abilities for the benefit of others as well as themselves.

We also want our students to be resilient, independent learners 和 thinkers 谁能, through their own efforts 和 persistence, adapt their knowledge, underst和ing 和 skills to pose key questions, 明智的研究, articulate solutions 和 provide novel answers to problems. 除了, we want to encourage all our students to develop the capacity for lifelong learning, to have a love of learning 和 to make sure that the learning needs of all students, including the most able 和 those who are disadvantaged, 完全满足.

Our curriculum aims are achieved through our commitment to our 大型 的计划 M因为, Enrichment, Google (G Suite for education) 和 A11的思考.

请参阅在线m88的 课程政策 for further information.


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